Unapologetically Living What You Love with Taylor Clark

Oct 20, 2021 1 min read
Unapologetically Living What You Love with Taylor Clark

Taylor is an unapologetically badass multipassionate creator who has embraced her unfolding journey and more recent diagnosis of ADHD. We recap some highlights in her non-linear journey and share some insights into the hopeful future for authentic, multipassionate entrepreneurs and artists.

Taylor and I discuss:

  • Being multipassionate while receiving more "expert-driven" guidance
  • Sharing her (fabulous) journey developing a community/cultivating an audience before "creators" were a thing
  • Embracing a non-linear path and showing up in each chapter unapologetically
  • Late diagnosis of ADHD and the insights gleaned from being curious instead of self-judging
  • Operating in masculine vs feminine energy and redefining alignment
  • Systems and archetypes we enjoy exploring that frame experimentation and strategy

For those curious about our Feminine Archetypes and HD Profiles (mentioned briefly):


  • The Ingenue - Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna - "Your unexpected mix of girlish charm and womanly sensuality enthralls" - Authentic, Sensual
  • HD - The Generator (The Life Force, lifts energy of the world) - Emotional Authority (Decisions made with emotions) - 1/3 (Establisher of Knowledge & Truth)


  • The Gamine - Princess Diana, Josephine Baker - "Your natural charm and playful spirit lowers defenses" - Playful, Wise
  • HD - The Manifesting Generator (The Multi-Hyphenate/MultiPassionate, here to do many diverse things)- Emotional Authority (Decisions made with emotions) - 4/6 (Regal Authority Figure/Role Model)

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