Sunday Set #4 - Life Design + Integrating Insights Into Strategy

Nov 4, 2021 5 min read
Sunday Set #4 - Life Design + Integrating Insights Into Strategy

Life design inspiration, tools, and resources, as well as content from featured guest, Laura DiFrancesco.

A few edits were made to this Sunday Set Newsletter, so it has been re-sent and republished! As this new journey unfolds, I've given full commitment to embracing the pivots, edits, pauses, imperfections and retrospection needed to gain clarity and honor my own process.

As creators, entrepreneurs, and humans making decisions with our own unique ripple effect impact, it's so essential to get curious about ourselves, learn the lessons we need to continually grow and evolve, and celebrate each step closer to designing a life that feels deeply in alignment with our joy.

I look forward to sharing a current retrospective of my own soon, but for now, enjoy this week's newsletter! I've also added our live, as it was packed this week with information and tools to use in your journey.


We are the creators, designers, strategists, and composers of our lives. Our responses to the world around us and the lessons learned  from experience add depth to our evolving masterpiece.


Click on the image to open in a separate tab/window to download or long-press to download the image to use for your phone's wallpaper!

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