Sunday Set #8 - Innovating Through the Lens of a Producer

Dec 5, 2021 2 min read
Sunday Set #8 - Innovating Through the Lens of a Producer

Producers often compose utilizing their multidimensional awareness of resources, talents and energies, creative vision, strategic planning, tools, networks and influence, and larger forces at work to create impact and dialogue.

🦄🦄They are uniquely equipped with a perspective for impactful innovation leadership.🦄🦄

We can adopt aspects of this multifaceted lens, as well as embody in practice how producers learn from diverse experiences, cultivate resilience, embrace change, value beginner’s mindset, and hone their own process which allows them to flow confidently into any and every project they take on.


We are embodying the perspective and role of a producer in our work and play to compose impactful experiences.


This week's playlists feature podcast episodes on the producer mindset as well as a pop curation by our latest guest, Spencer!

Producer Mindset

SunSlay Set by Spencer

Follow these playlists to save them in your Spotify library as resources! If you aren't seeing the playlist embeds, click the titles to open them on Spotify.

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