Sunday Set #1 - Treating Energy as Currency + Embodying Flow

Sep 19, 2021 3 min read
Sunday Set #1 - Treating Energy as Currency + Embodying Flow

This is the first newsletter from Everyday Innovation as part of the Sunday Set!

This edition will be the most concise, as I am testing out some initial ideas and hosting the first Sunday Set live. As this concept and community continue to develop, new sections and edits will roll out with each Sunday Set!

Intention and Content Focus

This week, the focus of Everyday Innovation will be on the practice of treating energy as currency, the importance of energy investment and cultivation as a creator, and the definition + activation of flow.

We intend to observe and manage our energy like a precious investment, as well as identify opportunities to magnify our impact utilizing our own unique flow states.


This wallpaper represents the theme and intention for the upcoming week (or for any week in which it aligns with your process).

Click on the image to open in a separate tab/window to download or long-press to download the image to use for your phone's wallpaper!

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