I had the pleasure of hosting Amine Hammou of Brand Orchestrate last week for two separate conversations about the intersection of innovation and community building.

Aligned Venture Design for Community Builders (Twitter Space)

Co-Host: Amine Hammou of Brand Orchestrate Community

Speaker: Zachary Novak of FML Studio and Careers in Tech and Innovation Community

Aligned Venture Design for Community Builders

Some points that we discussed:

  • What venture design entails in the context of this conversation
  • The creator innovation process (illustrated below) as a framework that addresses synergy between personal and venture innovation
  • The importance of context when considering creating and building a community venture
  • Ways of ideating for and with your community
  • Why implementation is a crucial aspect of community experience and how Amine and Zac have used and considered specific platforms to address this consideration
  • Ideas for keeping communication lines open within your community and out into your larger sphere to attract members
  • Why feedback and discernment are key aspects of venture innovation and how to encourage feedback

Innovation Leadership for Building Community (Instagram Live)

Guest: Amine Hammou of Brand Orchestrate Community

Leaders and community builders need to hone their innovation skills and process more than ever right now as our ever-shifting landscape requires us to truly step up as collective cultivators and thought leaders.

A high-level outline of our conversation:

  • Why innovation leadership is essential in this next chapter of impactful community building
  • 7 key innovation leadership skills for community builders and influential entrepreneurs
  • Examples of these skills in action from Amine in his community, as well as general action steps you can consider
  • The importance of understanding the power and wisdom of your process as a role model in your community at large
  • How your own community engagement activity in other spaces can spark inspiration and collaboration opportunities
  • Why gathering feedback, discerning analysis, and thoughtful reflection are the most underutilized growth hacks for innovation

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