I really enjoyed hosting this particular Instagram live because it hits a shared pain point -- life can get uncertain and ambiguous, and creating impact in the midst of it all can be both challenging and an opportunity for massive growth.

How can we keep calm and innovate on?

If you cannot see this video embed, click here to watch on YouTube!

Here is an outline of what this video covers:

  • Developing resilience as my personal "why" and redefining what that means
  • Innovation as "growth mindset in action" and why innovators can thrive in uncertain times
  • The difference between uncertainty and ambiguity and why it's an important distinction
  • Reflection exercise: assessing your relationship with ambiguity in different areas of your life and what that means going forward
  • An exercise in navigating ambiguity without settling on what's "certain"
  • Innovating in public as a practice (something that I will be utilizing going forward)
  • Upcoming resources and unique 1:1 advisory opportunities coming in the next couple of months, as well as beta community access to support your innovation process
  • #innovatorOS as a product, series, and opportunity to collaborate on a greater impact as a community (paid opps on the way, as well!)

TRUST ME. You are not going to want to miss what's coming up.

Get ready for the first major release in a series next week that's only available to (free!) subscribers or opt-ins later.

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