In this compelling episode of the podcast, I host my husband Adrian Divecha for a discussion on navigating career and life transitions by "peeling back the onion" to reveal one's core purpose.

Adrian, a former pilot turned recruitment expert, dives deep into the layers of career changes, discipline, and redefining success.

This metaphor of the onion aptly captures the essence of the conversation—each layer peeled back provides new insights into our purpose and guides our decisions.

Whether you're contemplating a career pivot or seeking to redefine your concept of success, this episode offers actionable insights to help you align your choices with your deeper purpose.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace Nonlinear Career Paths - Don't be afraid of non-linear career moves. Adrian shows that success isn't always a straight path but often involves peeling back layers to find your core purpose.
  • Turn Challenges into New Goals - When facing setbacks, set new targets. Adrian shares how adapting to challenges led him to set new goals and directions.
  • Balance Passion and Practicality in Career Choices - Be cautious about turning your passion into your career as it can diminish the joy. Adrian advises on how to make career choices that align with your personal and core goals.
  • Cultivate Discipline Over Natural Ability - Replace the misconception of "natural talent" with the power of discipline. Adrian discusses how planning and discipline have been his pillars of success.
  • Deepen Business Relationships Through Genuine Engagement - Building strong relationships isn't just about networking; it's about genuine engagement. Adrian emphasizes the significance of asking meaningful questions and active listening.
  • Plan to Succeed in Hiring Decisions - Eliminate the chances of failure by planning. Adrian shares how proper planning and strategy can lead to successful hiring decisions.
  • Embrace Value-Based Recruiting - Shift your focus from long hours to value when recruiting. Adrian discusses the importance of aligning recruiting strategies with core values and changing client needs.
  • Adapt to Change for Career Longevity - Accepting change is crucial for a sustainable career. Adrian talks about how he adjusted his work hours for better business development and career longevity.
  • Seek Insights into Personal Motivation - Knowing why you left a previous job can provide valuable insights into what motivates you. Adrian delves into how understanding your motivations can inform your future career decisions.
  • Prep for Success in Interviews - Prepare for interviews by knowing your non-negotiables and trusting your intuition. Adrian emphasizes the need to prepare and seek different perspectives for successful interviews.

Question from Adrian:

Are you more afraid of success or failure?

Comment on this post to share your input!

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