What Truly Defines a Creator?

Aug 4, 2022 1 min read
What Truly Defines a Creator?
creator /krēˈādər/ (noun) - A person or thing that brings something into existence.

While this definition seems simple enough, recent societal, cultural, and economic references have favored this term for those individuals we'd commonly perceive as "creatives," active participants in the Creator Economy, and/or content creators that are monetizing their media.

The Creator Economy is admittedly an ambiguous term, as well. It can encompass and refer to any (and all) of the following:

  • influencers and bloggers monetizing a fan base on social media
  • companies and tech facilitating creation and distribution processes for individuals
  • a new type of entrepreneurship that has less of a barrier to entry
  • a movement in which individuals and authentic engagement have become more desired
  • a new model of brand partnerships focused on reaching audiences through creative community leaders

So who can be a creator? Anyone. Creating is a unique ability that we all practice, even if unintentionally. We take ideas and transmute them into impact.

The Creator Economy is a function of having the technology and cultural interest to support the idea to impact process.

It's created corporate-level innovation activities at the individual level. This, compounded with more engaged communities, creates the opportunity for one-person and collective-driven empires.

If you want to create a ripple effect impact on existing systems, ways of thinking or doing, and our experience as humans through your own or joint endeavors, claim the terms creator and creator-led.

They build upon the notion that impact begins at the individual level, and, with a desire for self-understanding and discovering one's unique process, can magnify and amplify legacy-building influence.

Are you ready to own and embody your birthright as a valuable creator and design your incomparable innovation process?
Stay tuned for an upcoming free template release and series to help you do just that!
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