The Artist's Way Pt. 1: Intro & The Inner Critic

Jan 30, 2021 1 min read
The Artist's Way Pt. 1: Intro & The Inner Critic

This is the first part in a series exploring concepts and practices from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way made to rehabilitate the inner creative. This recording is a very casual jump-on (originally live video) as I dive into pulling apart the inner critic and its origins, why and how we must get real with our subconscious, changing our creative story, and the duty to innovate.

{Addition 3/26/21 - This is the "accidental" launch of Everyday Innovation that has put so much more into motion! I am glad that, while raw/imperfect, this was my first episode -- one that allowed me to get excited about experimenting and getting better in a completely new space for me.}

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