Sunday Set #5 - The Power of Questions + Reflection

Nov 7, 2021 4 min read
Sunday Set #5 - The Power of Questions + Reflection

This Sunday Set is all about the power of questions, their integral role in innovation, and how to strategically hone your questioning practice to create more opportunities and alignment in your process!


We are designing an intentional  practice around our questions to create more alignment in our strategy and unlock new channels of insight.


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Quote by Oprah Winfrey


This week's playlists feature podcast episodes on asking better questions (including one with our featured read's author), as well as retrowave tracks to inspire your insightful reflections.

Asking Better Questions

The (Retro)spective

Follow these playlists to save them in your Spotify library as tools for your process! If you aren't seeing the playlist embeds, click the titles to open them on Spotify.

This book by Warren Berger is a fantastic resource and framework to guide and support your practice of powerful inquiry. Drawing insights from innovator stories, he connects these remarkable results to game-changing questions and actionable strategies that will honor your unique journey.

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Here is a beautiful visual summary made by Dani Saveker :

Reply to this e-mail, message/tag me on Instagram or Twitter, or post in the community to share your thoughts on this book!

Visit Quora

Quora IS the platform of questions and is an incredibly valuable space for creators to both research using intentional question submission, as well as contribute content/cultivate community around their unique knowledge.

Why I'm into Quora as a tool for everyday innovation:

  • Asking questions on other platforms can be, well, questionable (haha). Quora's community values quality answers, and platform profiles feature credentials and other content to learn more about who is behind the source.
  • It is a space to practice a more intentional and clear approach to your questions -- writing a great question creates value for the community!
  • Creators and entrepreneurs are more often sharing their knowledge with their communities-- this is a fantastic space to create thought leadership and get some new eyes on your insights.
  • Monetization opportunities! Content is valuable, insight is valuable.

Retrospectives are an effective way to debrief (especially with a team) after the completion of a project/phase/event to collect valuable insights for knowledge management, to track over time for patterns, and to inform strategic decisions.

On Sunday Set #5 Live (at end of e-mail), I gave some examples of questions from retrospectives that could be used to reflect with a team or to self-reflect on your projects, creations, performance– or could even be used as a daily/weekly/monthly practice of reflection to pull valuable insights to evolve your own unique innovator process.

While I may have split a couple of the categories above and added another on the Live, there is no one "right way" to use these prompts – we just want to access the information that will be most useful for integrating what we've learned!

I am sharing a retrospective-inspired set of reflection questions that I personally would use for a daily/weekly/monthly journaling prompt and as a tool for debriefing after (part of ) a  project/initiative/self-development journey.


  • What were the wins?
  • What felt especially in flow?
  • What fell short?
  • What felt draining or created major resistance?
  • What was I hoping to get out of this? (for day, achieve/learn)
  • What was I missing or felt that I needed?
  • What surprised me?
  • What have I learned? (bigger picture or impactful detail for journal)
  • What ideas are coming through that are inspired by these answers/my experience?
  • What actions can I take to integrate what I've learned or improve my process?

Sunday Set #5 Live

On the Live, I discuss the importance of questions and the power of using intentionally designed questioning for research, innovation, and a faster track to alignment.


And stay tuned for lots of upcoming announcements in the next few weeks that will make Everyday Innovation your innovation inspo hub for 2022.



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