What is Everyday Innovation?

Everyday Innovation is a container for resources, tools, conversations, and experimentation that inspire and cultivate creator-led innovation. This content hub (where you've landed) serves as the central repository for this information and is meant to help guide your own creative and innovative process design.

The term "everyday innovation" is often used as a corporate or social battle cry for incremental advancements, smaller (team or department-led) breakthroughs, and updates to useful organization- or community-specific processes ... for the most part.

And, in this space, these are also honored-- but they are applied more directly to the multiple compound effect of 1. individuals creating regular practices to encourage creativity and innovation and  2. the collective impact of these individuals' efforts.

What does it mean to subscribe or become a member?

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About the Author (Jordan– me!)

I am a multi-passionate creator-entrepreneur and strategist with a background that screams creative generalist. I studied Marketing, Entrepreneurial Management, and Music Business in undergrad, and pursued continuing education years later in full-stack software development. I have worked within several industries in management, product development, creative strategy, and/or as a (co)founder, and I am passionate about finding the connections amongst these experiences as I formulate innovative new processes or design new ventures and products.

Currently, I am the co-founder of a startup, an indie hacker creating new digital products, an advisor/strategist, and a content creator in the entrepreneurial/startup space. Everyday Innovation is partly my own self-study project and experimentation journey that started in early 2021, as well as a way in which I can catalyze impact by sharing resources, experiences, and hypotheses that support the growth of creator (individual)-led innovation.

Expect a mix of studies, conversations, practices, visuals, connections of new concepts, feedback from communities, and my own experiments shared here. This is an intersection of culture/society, tech, self-development, design, entrepreneurship, creativity, academic thought, market trends, cognitive science, a sprinkle of mind-body-soul and "out there" topics, and a little bit of sass.

Coming Soon

Some structural changes and educational content on a new creator-led innovation framework!

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